Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

I was thinking today about what Friday the 13th means to me.

Some might be chomping at the bit to catch the latest installment of Friday the 13th at the local cinema. Or if you are in California, are you waiting with bated breath to see whether the California State government will or won't increase taxes (personally, I think when a government is out of money, wants to issue IOU's for income tax refunds and then wants to increase taxes to fix the deficit, there's a problem somewhere. I thought the government is for the people not the other way around?)? Or are you waiting to see what happens with the recession? Or are you gearing up for a long weekend?

I choose to look at today with an open mind - looking at all the wonderful opportunities this new day brings. But, remaining present, not looking back to yesterday or forward to tomorrow.

Opportunities are right in front of us. But, for whatever reason, we go about the day with blinders on. In essence, we are resistant.

This started me thinking about Sonia Ricotti's wonderful book, The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple. You can order the book here. The web site is filled with other great resources as well, including a free newsletter that you can sign up for.

I guess you could call this book an extension of The Secret. Ms. Ricotti continues to discuss the law of attraction which is defined as "we attract into our life what we direct our conscious attention to." As an example, I focused on wanting to be on the last season of Boston Legal and I was.

I remember having a breakthrough of my own at the end of the year right around the time I read this book and the chapter entitled "Letting Go" really hit home for me. It was about letting go and just being, but it also talked about Resistance.

According to the book,"whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, or any other negative emotion, you are resisting something in your life" and "resisting emits negative energy and attracts more of the same negative situations in your life". It also means you are trying to control something. And if you are controlling something you can't let go. Resistance also results in not noticing the wonderful opportunities you are faced with each and every day. Acceptance and letting go allows you to surrender to the beauty all around you and presents that openness you need to be your genuine, creative self.

We are human so we will have negative emotions. Emotions are experiences. We are not our emotions. Let them pass through. Try this technique the next time a negative emotion hits you - backtrack to determine the root cause of your discomfort. What are you trying to resist? Breathe deeply and let go. See, what happens. I think you will find you will be in a state of bliss and you will see all the wonderful opportunities ahead of you.

Here's to your bliss!

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  1. Hi Susyn,

    I just happened by your blog (in the spiritual category of the Total Blog Directory), and thought I would take a moment to say hi.


    You know, when I think of the law of attraction, I like to imagine two seeds - lets say an avocado seed and an orange seed. You could plop them both into the same ground 10 feet apart or so, and (given the right conditions) both will grow to become full fruit-bearing trees.

    The really amazing thing is that somehow they both attract exactly what they need. The avocado seed attracts what it needs to become an avocado tree, and the orange seed attracts what it needs to become an orange tree. Even though their needs are different, each draws in what it requires from the very same earth. They see their own destiny where I see only dirt in the ground. Could it be their faith?

    Thanks for the interesting post.

    Mike (