Friday, February 5, 2010

How Not To Twitter

There are some great articles at Open Forum.

I like the articles because they are geared to small businesses and my actor business is a small business (Actors: if you think of yourself as the CEO of your business, you have made a giant step in your career).

This morning, there is an article called "Top 5 Ways Not To Be Annoying On Twitter" - the full article is here.

In the article, it states the 5 ways:

While these are common sense items, they deserve repeating, over and over.

1. Don't hide - Tell us about yourself - utilize your twitter bio and tell us who you are and where we can go to find out more.

2. Don't Ignore - Answer replies and questions timely! My, how we have forgotten that etiquette tells us to return calls, emails, etc. within 24 hours.

3. Don't Yell - it's ok to market on Twitter, but remember on Twitter, the soft sell is king.

4. Don't Disappear - Be consistent on Twitter - remember that regular activity generates results.

5. Don't Lie - since you are trying to establish trust, don't lie - just don't do it.

And, I propose a 6th way - Don't Be Irresponsible - be aware of what you say in your posts and replies because, with Twitter, as with other Internet outlets, what you put out online becomes a permanent record, so use caution in your communications.

Are you watching the Super Bowl this weekend? I feel lost without the Steelers in it. I think I will cheer for the New Orleans Saints - I like to see teams who have never won, win. Who are you rooting for? I'm rooting for our success as actors!!

Have a fabuloso weekend. Cheers!

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