Monday, February 1, 2010

Something's In The Water

I was just remarking to my acting coach the other day that I was booking most things I was auditioning for in January- booking everything you audition for is very hard for many actors to do just because of the subjective nature of the entertainment industry - I booked the lead in a short film, booked a web series, performed in a staged reading last night and I got called back for another independent film. All and All, a very good January.

I also had a great workshop this past Saturday. Lauren Bass, one of my feature film CD targets, was the guest. I came up with a plan that serves me well in CD workshops:

1. I have come up with a dozen episodic CDs and a dozen feature film CDs. These are my targets and I workshop many times with only them.
2. I do my research on the CD - I research what they are currently casting, their background, and anything else about them I can find out. This humanizes the individual, which puts me more at ease with them.
3. During the workshop, I follow Bonnie Gillespie's great words - "Have Fun. Don't Suck." An excellent mantra, I might add. I focus on the conversation and being with my partner.
4. I send a hand-written thank-you note to the CD within 48 hours of the workshop.
5. I continue to strengthen the relationship by following up.

The workshop was a nice end to a very productive month.

Here we come February, here we come!!


  1. Yay! :) Thanks for the shoutout and congrats on a great month!

  2. Bon:

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the kudos!