Friday, June 26, 2009

My So-Called Marketing Life

I am so happy to be writing a regular article for Marketing Profs, one of the two best online resources on the subject of marketing today. The other being Marketing Sherpa. I have been a published writer since 2001 and floated in and out of writing for trades depending on my available time. To create the tone of the column, I am pulling from my years of being a corporate marketing director, marketing consultant and actor.

In my latest article, I wrote about the power of branding from an actor's perspective, even though the same takeaways apply to small and Fortune 500 businesses. The takeaways are:

1. Treat a brand for what it is. Your brand is your uniqueness so identifying and capitalizing on it is paramount to being able to differentiate yourself from the clutter.

2. Network. Be visible. Be a problem-solver. Go to where your target market is and engage with them. Help them.

3. Follow up. Stay in contact and top of mind.

4. Test, Revise, Test. Always be in a position of giving your customers what they want, so be comfortable with improving on your product and promotional materials all the time.

I also have a new web site. It is in the "in progress" phase. It is located here. Please visit often as we are updating content regularly.

Have a super weekend.

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