Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 'Burgh in the Biz

It is great to see so many Pittsburghers are in the entertainment industry. I found the lists on Pitt in Hollywood and Steeltown Entertainment Project. Of course a lot of these people may have only gone to school in Pittsburgh or were born in Pittsburgh and moved. Then, there are some native Pittsburghers. I consider Pittsburgh my second home - all my relatives are from here, I spent time in Pittsburgh every summer, my husband is from Pittsburgh and we lived in the 'burgh for years. And I have kept my Junior League of Pittsburgh membership because those are my sisters and it's a great group doing great things for the Pittsburgh community since 1922. As far as us Pittsburghers who are in the entertainment biz, I would like to see a strong Pittsburgh contingent in LA form a group so we can all stay in touch here.

The thing about Pittsburgh besides my beloved Steelers and Pens, is that it gives you a sense of belonging, community and roots. And, the family and community values that are instilled in you when you live in Pittsburgh stay with you forever. As far as Pittsburghese goes, you'll never hear me say 'yinz or n'at but Stillers, pop and Gint Iggle do "pop" up from time to time. Check out Pittsburghese for an interesting take. The most beautiful vision is coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnels from the airport and seeing the amazing Pittsburgh skyline. Of course, I could talk about the 'burgh forever.

I'm originally a Southeasterner (Williamsburg, baby), a little Michigander, a lot Coloradan and whole lot of Pittsburgh. Makes me feel like a Primanti sandwich, huh??


  1. All younz Pittsburghers... :-)

  2. Sharing some Link Love! <3 I have linked to this blog on my post, Link Love 1. :)