Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ya Gotta Have Heart

I am excited to share with you an organization called Hollywood Heart. I found out about this group through the Entertainment Industry Foundation because I wanted to volunteer with an arts-related organization. I have volunteered with Hollywood Heart for a couple of years in multiple capacities. I have been a volunteer for years - giving back to the community is something very near and dear to my heart - for a wide variety of wonderful charitable organizations. Hollywood Heart is amazing - to see a child's eyes light up is such a humbling and rewarding experience.

2009 marks the 15th year that Hollywood Heart has run Camp Pacific Heartland in partnership with One Heartland, a camp for kids ages 7-15 who are infected/impacted by HIV/AIDS and the 2nd year Hollywood Heart has run Camp Hollywood Heart, an arts camp for teens ages 15-20 who are impacted by HIV/AIDS. You can read all about these camps here.

Having heart in Hollywood goes beyond charities. A friend of mine wrote a fantastic article for the Huffington Post where he discusses the fact that if you are in the entertainment industry, you want to be in the industry and you are willing to work to get into and stay in the industry, you will survive.

Our industry is just like any other industry - we have business cycles, we have to re-invent ourselves to stay competitive and it's all about the money. The economy is going through another business cycle low, we will bounce back. So, have heart and today, try feeling more by being present to you and your environment - things will be put in perspective for you - you are a great human being on a great planet - go ahead and seize the day!

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