Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life In The Comfort Zone

Have the good economic years caused us to be complacent and we now complain about the economy in the lean years because we now have to work harder? There is a book called "Danger In The Comfort Zone". It is about how workers believe they are entitled to work and getting rewarded without earning it. I bought the book sometime in the 90's but it is as much applicable today, maybe more, as it was back then. I spent years developing and extending brands and now I am very interested in personal brands - in fact, I have written articles lately about the concept. Today, businesses and individuals have to strive to build their brand each and everyday by proving they are trustworthy, credible and can add value. Then, you will stand out and be noticed. They really have to, like I still say, "underpromise and overdeliver". Have you noticed that during our latest recession, customer service has become worse and companies, in general, have become disrespectful of customers? Nonverbal communication can be more powerful than verbal communication. Nonresponsiveness can be interpreted as no interest in having you as a repeat customer or a customer at all. Doesn't the recession make it harder for companies to make and/or keep sales? Then why drive away potential sales??

Marketing Profs in one of their newsletters today entitled "Stop Blaming the Recession" suggests that people should stop blaming the recession and look in the mirror. They say "the simple act of blurting out "recession" seems to cover a number of professional failures that might just be our own fault." They cite some examples of succeeding in the current economy and stop making excuses are:

-Learn something new. Go beyond your comfort zone so you stand out.

-Work harder. Don't take anything for granted; promptly follow up on every lead and return every call, even if you're not sure it will deliver results. Surround yourself with colleagues who share your particular determination and commitment.

-Take risks.

I'll add a fourth one - Put yourself out there - Be visible - Help someone in the process.

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